For over 30 years, Precision Roll has developed unmatched compounds for all your roller covering needs. Worn rolls may be the cause of your production problem.

Recovered Rollers
Laminator Roll Close-up

Laminating and Custom Roll Recovering!

We recovery industry standard laminator rolls with the ability to custom manufacture rollers to our customer's specifications.

Mail Roll Compilation (Pitney Bowes)

NEW! Mail House Equipment Roll Recovering!

We now recover many of the roll parts in Bell and Howe and Pitney Bowes mailer equipment.

Accu-rolls by Precision Roll!

Introducing Accu-Rolls™ by Precision Roll!

The SMART alternative to Vijuk combo rolls.

  • Install a new Accu-Roll every time for about the same price as a recovered Vijuk roll
  • Accu-Roll shafts are straighter and 25% thicker providing more stability.
  • Accu-Rolls provide a much tighter fold AND can run at higher speeds
Cartonac Roll Set

What Kind of Folder Rolls Can We Recover?

We recover all brands of "combo" folder rolls including Vijuk, GuK (G&K), H & H, Stahl, Balm, and MBO Spiral Foldrollers.

We recover all of the rolls used in the popular and versatile inline Cartonac leaflet folders.

This includes the rolls uses in the GuK (G&K), Vijuk:
  • Cartonac 2000 - 21/4 and 21/6
  • Cartonac 81 - 21/4 and 21/6
  • Cartonac 91 - 21/4 and 21/6